Poultry - Helpful Hints

Raising Chickens Made Easy

Raising backyard poultry is quickly growing in popularity. It is not surprising since they are useful, inexpensive pets for adults and children. They are also an important food source as well as fun to watch and pretty to look at.

Part of the fun of getting into backyard poultry is the research before selection. Finding out what will work best for your purpose and space you have available is important. Chickens are the type of poultry typically selected. If you are raising chickens for their eggs you will need to research the breeds you are considering thoroughly. You need to find out their qualities, temperament and their specific environmental needs to make sure they will fit in with your flock.

If you want your chickens for their meat consider the Cornish Cross for their rapid growth and large breasts.

If you want both eggs and meat make it simple and go duel purpose in your selection. Plymouth rocks, Buff orpingtons or sex link hybred chickens for example produce eggs regularly and are a nice size for meat. They are also very pretty to watch in your back yard.

To get healthy quality day old chicks you will want to make your purchase from a reputable hatchery that is U.S. Pallorum = Typhoid clean.

Items you will need for your chicks:

  • A clean draft free area safe from predators.
  • Bedding such as wood shaving or peanut hulls
  • Heat lamps and bulbs
  • Feeders and waterers
  • Sanitizing cleaner – diluted clorax works well
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Tizwhiz Chick Starter feed

Always keep plenty of clean water in pen along with feed. Chicks will not eat without water available. Pen needs to be kept clean and dry and be sure to enlarge it as chicks get bigger.

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