Why Tizwhiz?

Today Tizwhiz is a recognized name all over the United States and abroad with several manufacturing plants located in the U.S. and Canada.

The fortified formulas of Tizwhiz products are unique and have never been released to any other company.

There is a nutritional reason for everthing put into Tizwhiz Feeds. Through it's research Tizwhiz continues to strive for nutritional excellence, allowing for all feeding recommendations to be bases on controlled research by nutritionists.

Dr. William Tyznik is professor emeritus of the department of Animal Science at The Ohio State University where he taught for over 40 years. He is nationally known for his contribution to teaching and research in animal nutrition. Dr. Tyznik's research on rumen studies of sheep, nutrition of horses and zoological animals is nationally known with several articles for professional journals to his credit.

Dr. Tyznik, through controlled equine research achieved many firsts that has dramatically impacted the equine feeding industry. The new variations of research being done today are investigating familiar ground to Tizwhiz and are continuing to verify Dr. Tyznik's findings.

Dr. Tyznik has had many firsts in his research career, and Tizwhiz has applied his enormous contribution and research to all the Tizwhiz Feeds products.

  • First to do controlled equine research at a university.
  • First to establish blood glucose tolerance.
  • First to recognize the importance of a fortified formula of copper, zinc and manganese for solid muscle and skeletal development.
  • Finding the lack of selenium from the soil, he was the first to add selenium upon its approval by the FDA.
  • First to find the ability of a foal to retain minerals and vitamins in it's liver while in the uterus and to maintain during nursing age. He found that mares did not produce milk rich in nutrients. Under the guidance of Dr. Tyznik, Tizwhiz then developed the first broodmare ration specifically formulated for foal development.
  • First to establish feeding fat tolerance in horses and the effects of unsaturated fat on coat condition.
  • First to formulate a low fiber feed for performance horses.
  • First to establish early wean research - 2 1/2 days after birth.
  • First to find that pellets dissolve easier in the gut and digest more completely than unprocessed grain.
  • Formulated the first fixed formula pelleted feed on the market.
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